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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LRGames (Liberty Reserve Games) such as gambling games (games of chance) other games are not easy to promote the logic of just instinct.

There was no initial cost for this LRGames FREE and also there is no minimum payout is up to capture  how and when . Clear payment via Liberty Reserve.

Do not have a Liberty Reserve account?  click here, for free!
after the list do not forget the activation LR Liberty Serve your account via email, for yahoo email inbox if ga is check the spam email. greater attention to the small letters of the password as given to the activation registration successful
After Liberty Reserve Account created successfully

Please pull through enrollment in LRGames.Net

How to join LRGames quite easy:

1. Click register to start the list.
2. Fill in with complete data
3. Confirm your email to activate your account (check the email spam to yahoo)
4. Login to LRGames
4. Play the game for and grasp the dollar.

After confirmation, your status is now Level 1, where you
given 5 tickets to play every day. One ticket to
one game. Well then you just choose to play what.
The game is easy kok. No need to pake the brain. hehehe. Oiya .. you
could increase the number of tickets (or upgrade level) for free too.
LRGames is INSANE!

There are 3 kinds of games can we play include:
1. Scratch and Win
2. Slot Machine Game
3. Guess a Number

Your next issue will be like a game which is up to you to matter which one most easily his make money, is not it?!

Still curious? Prove yourself in LRGames.

Currently there are only 3 games that can be played every day of
Scratch gold, Guess the number and slot machines. Prizes for each
times a game between $ 0.01 to $ 10. So if for example the play 5 times, you have chance to get a reward up to $ 50.


1. Free
2. Instant payout. In a matter of seconds!
3. Jump to withdraw aka no minimum payout.
4. You are satisfied you know a friend, you are disappointed please let us biggrin.gif

longest time just 5 minutes to play in LRGames .. Idly with prizes!
Payment Proof
We are given the opportunity to play games as much as 5 times per day. If you want to add points to have a chance to play more follow the instructions in it.
acquisition of income or gift will be send via your Liberty Reserve, from Liberty Reserve Acount wildraw nor can you trade in your web web-like exchange balance duyduychanger LR

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